The Cammino dei Borghi Silenti winds along the slopes of the Amerini mountains, in Umbria on the western coast. The sub-Apennine mountain range of the Tyrrhenian side extends from the town of Narni to Civitella del Lago, part of the municipality of Baschi, in the province of Terni, between the Nera river in the south and the Tiber in the north. The Amerini mountains consist mainly of calcareous rocks of the Umbrian-Marche Pelasgian succession. The tops of the mountains are mostly rounded and covered with meadows, the maximum elevation is Mount Croce di Serra at an altitude of 996 meters above sea level. from which the view extends over most of central Italy, from Tuscia to southern Tuscany to the west, to the entire Umbria, to the Sibillini mountains, the Gran Sasso and to the Terminillo to the east.


Amerini mountains
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