Places crossed

Il Cammino dei Borghi Silenti is located in the province of Terni and crosses the municipalities of Montecchio, Guardea, Avigliano Umbro and Baschi.

The silent villages crossed are as many as 12, all typically Umbrian and with medieval characteristics, with stories that sink well before the year one thousand.

From the characteristic village of Tenaglie, the path touches the castle of Poggio Vecchio dating back to the 7th century.

After passing through the town of Guardea, go up towards the ridge of the Amerini mountains and then descend into the charming and fairytale village of Santa Restituta.

The path turns sharply north through Toscolano, Melezzole and then Morruzze, Morre, Acqualoreto, to descend to the hermitage of the Pasquarella, next to the fascinating gorges of Forello dug by the waters of the Tiber river.

Then go up towards Scoppieto and Civitella del Lago, a breathtaking terrace overlooking the Corbara basin, Mount Peglia and the hills of Orvieto. Back on the western side of the route, go down towards Cerreto and the built-up area of ​​Baschi, with its characteristic historic center still intact.

Then we go up again, almost at the end of the road to Montecchio, recently decreed as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, after having crossed the Umbrian-Etruscan necropolis of San Lorenzo.

The journey ends by returning to Tenaglie not before having enjoyed the view of Palazzo Ancajani, the historic residence of the lords who once dominated the places.

Poggi di Montecchio
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